US Express Track Club is a 501c3 organization which is committed to  improving the lives of youths and adults through the sport of track and  field.  Our goal is to enhance the lives of our participants through  teaching them sportsmanship skills, how to live healthier lives, and  ways to reduce the obesity rate.  As an organization we host several  track meets and would love for you to consider being one of our  partners.  This season we are honored to host five completions ranging  from adult only competitions to those with just youth or even one with  both.   Whether through monetary support, personal volunteering, or  in-kind support, it will be greatly appreciated.   

You can click below to donate online or your can mail a check to:

US Express Track Club

Post Office Box 46314

Baton Rouge, LA  70895

Donation Letter

Letter that can be used to do get sponsorship.  As well as team's 501c3 letter if needed.

USETC 501c3 (pdf)


2020 Individual Donor Form (pdf)