Coaching Credentials

U.S. Express Membership

Secure US Express membership and then select option for coach.   If you don't have an activenetwork account, you will be asked to secure one.

Backgroup Clearance

Once you secure your USATF Membership.   Complete your background screening.   This will cost you $18.


Thise is the last step which can be done concurrently with securing background screening.   This is an online class required by all coaches/volunteers interacting with youth athletes.

Verified List

Once your name appears on this coaches registry then you are considered cleared.  Contact us if you have any questions if you have completed all of the steps and still not showing.

Coaching Education

Beginning in 2019, all coaches must go through some form of coaches education.  Whether its a Level 1 USATF class or higher or Training Academy Course.  We will begin providing this info in the future.